I grew up in Juneau, Alaska.  This used to be interesting to people until Sarah Palin ran for VP and now it is maybe the 5th thing I bring up in conversations with strangers. I have three gold teeth, and hope to acquire more. I used to skateboard, but after a lot of time in hospitals, I decided to find a safer hobbies. These days, I occasionally run for exercise and more recently have devoted what spare time I have to practicing Pilates. I recently purchased a banjo, which is next on my list of skills to acquire.  It will be a while until I have my first recital.  

My inspiration to work in the industry and also the first film I worked on was 'Limbo', John Sayles film. John hired my dad as Director of Boat Operations, since I could run the boats, I became his assistant.  On my first day, I took Haskell Wexler out on my dad's 14ft. rubber skiff to a remote island to shoot b roll for the film.  It was just me, Haskell and two of his assistants.  After that, I was hooked.

When I first started producing, I mostly made music videos with Whitey McConnaughy.  He had some big ideas and great taste in music, so naturally I did everything I could to help.  After producing some videos and photoshoots for The Decemberists, they asked me to come along for a tour as tour manager/merch girl.  Other than being some of the most amazing people I've ever worked with, they also taught me to knit. 

Eventually, after a few years of music videos (which equals not making money) the kind folks at Food Chain Films started hiring me to produce commercials. There was a lot of digital content that needed to be made but no one wanted to touch it which led me to doing some fairly successful viral campaigns and that pretty much brings you up to date on work things.

My father is a sailor, motorcycle madman, and animal lover. He's the sweetest badass you could ever hope to meet.

My mother is a math genius/ teacher, and for raising my brother and me, a saint.  She has made me laugh harder than anyone else.  

My brother Zac is a patent attorney, he has a lovely wife, three perfect lil girls, and for some crazy reason lives in Texas.  If you have original ideas, he's the guy to call.  He lives to win. 

I have a 12 year old Mini Schnauzer, Mitzi Handschuh. She is the boss of me.  I always tell her that, "I AM TONY DANZA" but we all know the kids were the bosses in that show.